ALPACA, first found in recorded history in the high mountains regions of South America. For thousand of years, ALPACA have co-existed with humans. The Inca civilization of the Andes mountains gave the animal a central place in their society, using ALPACAS in religious ceremonies and clothing themselves from their fleece.

The Incas domesticated and selectively bred ALPACAS to produce a surprisingly large array of colors and a very fine, dense fiber. During this time, ALPACA fiber was virtually a secret from the rest of the world. Garments made from ALPACA fiber were reserved for royalty. Peasant caught wearing ALPACA clothing were punished, sometimes even killed.

ALPACA's marvellous qualities continue to make its fiber sought after today's high fashion industry. It is also prized by spinners and weavers all over the world.

ALPACA fiber is stronger and several times warmer than wool, with an incredibly soft, supple touch and a wonderful fitness wich crafters desire.

The fiber is semi-hollow, making it very lightweight while possessing a thermal unlike other natural fibers.

Grace's Treasures EIRL, as a Peruvian Company, is proud to offer a quality line of products made from our exotic and exquisite ALPACA fiber. We guarantee your satisfaction. Grace's will gladly assist you on designing and developing a customized creation according to your particular request.

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