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Year of manufacture: 1967

LHT: 8.65m (28.37')

Max. beam: 2.5m (8.36')

Tare weight: 3100 kgs

Architect: Carl Alberg (USA).

Carl Alberg and his sailing ships TRITON, Alberg 30 and many other have their Web sites and their mailing list.

I am unaware of if the ALBERG 30 or other Alberg ships were diffused in France.

The Triton has some pages in this site:

Copy test in the french review " BATEAUX " n° 81 (+ photographs and plans).

(Article published in February 1965.)

One of the first boats drawn by Carl Alberg, the Triton crossed the Atlantic in the Sixties. Construction in France was done by the building site of Mr. J.P. JOUËT, which inter alia boats produced Golif, Tiburon... This building site is disappeared today. The Jouët building site modified the plan of bridge, interior installation... You can compare the French version and the American version while going on its site (see below).

Yves Gélinas, Canadian navigator and manufacturer of regulators of pace, made the turn of the world on his Alberg 30 (which measures 2 feet more than the TRITON) the Jean-du-Sud.

Its book = Jean du Sud or the magic bird.

Thus, if you are the lucky owner of a Triton, say it to me, and announce it to the American mailing list. To be registered:

another interesting mailing list; to be registered: ALBERG 30.

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...the original engine was Universal 30 on the subject of which you will be able to find many helping links and explanations on the American site.

Personally, I have an Yanmar engine (2QM15).